J.O.A.T.NYC’s “Pay It Forward”* program helps our clients clear out some of their perfectly good, but otherwise unused “surplus” items in order to help other clients who may be in need, or just don’t have. Clients who either don't have enough space in their apartments, aren't using a specific item enough, are updating an older perfectly usable item with a new one, or simply don't want an item anymore, give that item to us (J.O.A.T.NYC) in hopes to find someone else who can use it. J.O.A.T.NYC then comes to inspect the donated item and, upon approval, takes it to the storage unit until we can find it a new home. J.O.A.T.NYC also gathers information from the client donating to find out if there is anything the client doesn’t already have, that might be in the PIF system storage. If so, the donating client has the option of selecting an item in the PIF program that they may need for their household.

A different client who may be in need of one such donated, sees the item on the J.O.A.T.NYC PIF page and then requests the item at whatever price they can afford ($20, $200, whatever). The client can then either pick up the item or have it delivered by whatever service they'd like, NOT JUST J.O.A.T.NYC. 100% of the payment gets recycled back into the PIF system, thus paying for Pick Up, storage, maintenance, etc.

Example: You just moved to a new place but the couch you brought with you doesn’t fit like you wanted it to, so you decide to donate the couch to the PIF program. Who picks it up, at no cost to you, and takes it to their storage facility. You then use the money you were saving to buy a new television, for a new couch instead.

One week later, a different J.O.A.T.NYC client moves into a new apartment but doesn’t have money for any new furniture. That client gives tells us what they can afford/what they want to pay for a couch, and just like that, they just scored the couch that YOU donated cause you’re awesome.

A week after that, a new client gets a new television for Christmas and no longer has use for their old PERFECTLY GOOD television, so they decide to send it to the PIF program. So……  guess who just got a new free donated television for donating a couch? YOU DID. Why? Cause you thought it not robbery to send this perfectly good couch that you weren’t using to someone who needed a couch, and we remembered that you didn’t have a television.

BOOM! Pay-It-Forward in motion.

*Donated items are only accepted once thoroughly inspected by a JOAT. Only donated items in good working condition are accepted. JOAT inspecting items will be the judge of the condition and acceptance. Items in the PIF program are NOT FOR SALE. All items are on a first come first serve basis. We do NOT accept clothing. All donated items are accepted pending discretion of inspecting JOAT. All donations, exchanges, adjustments or requests are at the discretion of J.O.A.T.NYC management.

Donated PIF items are picked up every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month between 6pm and 10pm only.