Now for an extra special treat, here are a list of some of our entrepreneur friends, clients and volunteers that we've worked with in the past. They're such a great bunch of professionals that we simply HAD to share them with you. Y'know, in case you need that little something extra.

Check these marvelous folks out:

HUD Consultant, 203K Construction Mortgage and Loan Pre-planner

Charlie is a great HUD consultant with tons of experience with 203K construction Mortgages. When the time comes for you to settle down and buy a house, Charlie is gonna be the one you want on your side. Contact Info: 516.446.3556 or

Photography and Editing

You need pictures taken. Professional, high quality pictures taken. Pictures that make ALL sides of you your "good side". Our Photographer friend Adam Grimshaw is most definitely the guy for you. Adam handles photography AND editing for multiple magazines and can Photoshop the finger off of Megan Good with his eye closed. Check him and his expert work out at:

Advertising, Copywriting, Freelance Design and Consultation

Whether you need advice about advertising, want assistance with a commercial, or need to figure out how to get the word out that your company even exist, Chris Lane is the guy for you. He personally helped J.O.A.T.NYC get started with our advertising campaign. He even designed our kick-ass logos. Click the link to see how amazing he is and see how he can turn your business startup into pure success.


Every celebration is remembered for three things. The venue, the music, and the DESSERT. In fact, a great dessert can save any lame celebration with just one delectable bite. This is where our girl Kendra Codling-Peters comes in. If you need something succulent, delectable and scrumptious baked for your next get together, we can't suggest her enough. NOT contacting may cause your taste buds to physically leave your body. Just saying.  Contact info: 347.368.4276 or