Mostly for more difficult  jobs, larger work or jobs that need to be seen in order to give a proper quote (i.e. water damage, jobs with multiple tasks, damaged areas, etc.). The assessment cost is NOT applied to the cost of the job requested.


Mounting and Installation, General Handy Work, Moving/Heavy Lifting*, Painting/Plastering, Assembly/Disassembly, Cleaning by What A Relief LLC**, Electrician, Plumber, Carpentry and Construction, Pick Up and Delivery (PUD)***, Gardening/Outdoor chores, Contractor and Construction, Demo, Garbage Removal, Masonry, Appliances, Roofing, Post Construction Cleanup

*JOATNYC reserves, rents, cares for and returns moving vehicles from Uhual or Zipcar for the clientele as needed. JOATNYC DOES NOT OWN ITS OWN MOVING VEHICLE. All vehicle expenses are added to client invoice upon completion of work and presentation of receipt.

**cleaning minimum is 2 hours **Please be advised, cleaners do NOT bring supplies, as every client has different cleaning preferences. If cleaning supplies are necessary, cleaners will either purchase only the cleaning materials necessary ON THE CLIENTS BEHALF, or bring their own cleaning products. Both options are at an additional $10.00 flat rate. Materials purchased will be added to invoice for reimbursement to JOAT. The providing of heavier cleaning materials, such as a vacuum, are an additional $20.00 flat rate. Click here for cleaning expectations....

***PUD jobs begin once a JOAT has reached the location of delivery. NOT once the JOAT has the item in their possession. This is due to prolonged wait times fr items. Please make sure your item IS INDEED ready for pickup prior to JOAT arrival. 


Baby-Sitting/Nanny, Personal Assistant (PA), Organization, Waiting In Line, Shopping, Technical Support, Tutor, Cooking/Kitchen Work, etc.*

*Home Assistance can range from a number of different things. This category is basically for people who need another body to run different errands for them. We basically cover most to all of those errands for you.


Pet-Sitting/Dog Walking*, Pet Boarding*, Grooming

*Pet Boarding is based on the Safety of a JOAT, which is determined upon meet & greet of pet and client, first visit of pet, or by JOAT management. **Client can opt to have the JOAT stay at their residence or have the pet transported to an agreed upon place of comfort.


Event Staffing, DJ'ing, Event Planner, Equipment Rental and Return, After-Party Clean-up


Any necessary rented equipment (power washers, snowblowers, Zipcars, extended ladders, paint sprayers, etc.) will be covered by the client, plus a one time Pick Up and Return fee for the equipment.