J.O.A.T.NYC is a group of dedicated Independent Contractors that provide a "Concierge of Home Services" to the New York City area. We strive to relieve stressful, time consuming and expensive life obstacles in the "Big City" by offering affordable Handyman, Maintenance, Life/Personal and Moving services to clients in need.

Started in April of 2016, Jack of All Trades New York City, aka J.O.A.T.NYC, has taken it upon themselves to give New York denizens back their "free time" without emptying their pockets.

Our pricing is always competitive and fair. Our JOATs are always personable and efficient. Our services are always "honored", and we'll always get to you and your task at hand as soon as we can. We only work with those who have provided physical proof of their skills prior to going into the field, so you, the client, never wonders if your JOAT "really knows what they're doing".

Best of all, we believe in customer service being an absolute priority, rather than a thing of the past. Our clients aren't just numbers or dollar signs. We understand that without you, there would be no US, so we make it a point to make sure you feel as appreciated as we do. That means when you contact us, you'll get a person. Not an automated voice, a real living breathing person.

We will forever give respect where respect is due and aspire to be the best and only pet-sitters, handymen, cleaners and home service providers you'll ever need. Period.