What is a JOAT?
A JOAT is an independent contractor on the J.O.A.T.NYC team. JOATs are the actual people who come out to your residence and actually do the work requested.

What does J.O.A.T.NYC stand for?

How do I schedule an appointment?
Once you've found the type of assistance you need on the Services page, just hit the "Schedule" button on the press start page, or give us a call or text to schedule an appointment. You can find our contact info here.....

Do I have to be present for my appointment?
For all first time appointments, ESPECIALLY CLEANING, we do require the client be present for their first appointment. This is to get a detailed list and view of the clients expectations or wishes. So there's no miscommunication. Once the JOAT begins work, the client MAY depart. However, we also prefer the client view the completion of all work, to make sure everything is up to expectations.

Do I have to do anything after I schedule my appointment?
After requesting am appointment, you'll receive an email for confirmation in the form of an "Invite". YOU MUST CONFIRM YOUR APPOINTMENT VIA EMAIL INVITE IN ORDER TO SECURE YOUR APPOINTMENT. If you do not respond to your appointment confirmation, no one will arrive to your job.

I only need about ten to fifteen minutes of work done. Can I just pay for that?
Sorry, but no. There is a MINIMUM CHARGE OF ONE HOUR for all scheduled appointments. That means the client is charged for one hour of work even if the job is less than an hour long. After the first hour charge, the client is charged in fifteen minute increments, always rounding up after five minutes past the next quarter. (i.e. 6 minutes over the quarter is charged as the full quarter)

Should I text or call for assistance?
We strive not to depend on any kind of automated voice assistance, so it's always easier to address multiple messages than it is to address multiple phone calls. While we will get back to you either way, you have a better chance at a faster response with an Email or text.

Why do you need my email address?
In order to schedule an appointment, successfully and place it in our calendar, we need to have the clients full name, address, phone number and email for invoicing.

Can I pay cash or card?
J.O.A.T.NYC is a NO CASH BUSINESS. We receive client payments one of two ways:

First time clients pay on-site with credit or debit card via our square card reader. For a credit/debit card payment over the phone or without the physical card present, there IS a 2% fee of processing. 

Returning clients have the option of either on site payments or Venmo invoices. No cash in hand. PERIOD.

What credit/debit cards do you accept?
J.O.A.T.NYC accepts Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover cards

When/how do I get an invoice?
J.O.A.T.NYC invoicing is sent once a job is completed. All invoices are sent via email directly to the client. Each invoice payment is officially due within 48hrs of receiving.

Is there surge pricing like some other home service providers?
Nope! J.O.A.T.NYC does not believe in surge pricing. What you see is what you get. No hidden fees, no extra charges.

What's this reimbursement thingy about?
Each invoice will have a reimbursement category in the breakdown. The reimbursement is any out of pocket cost your JOAT spent to cater to your job request. Some examples are: anchors for mounting, a mop for cleaning, groceries from shopping, a Uhual for moving, etc. All reimbursements are given back to your JOAT 100%

Does J.O.A.T.NYC take a fee from my JOAT? 
Yes, but just 20%. Unlike some of our competitors, we don't take more than what's necessary. Your JOAT will always take the maximum amount home every time, since your JOAT is the one who actually completes the job. That includes most PUD equipment fees.

I'm not really thrilled with the outcome of work. What do I do?
Every single J.O.A.T.NYC member honors their work. That means if a JOAT completed a job for you, and you're not thrilled with the outcome, the JOAT that did the work will come back and make the satisfying adjustments at no extra cost to you. Just contact us and explain any issue at hand. Our GM/the owner will personally do a thorough investigation and assess the issue. Our goal is client happiness and satisfaction, so we will do our best to achieve that.

So then what's your return policy?
At J.O.A.T.NYC, we take pictures of all receipts for filing purposes, but ultimately give the client the actual receipt, as it is their item they are purchasing through us. Because of this, any item return is strictly placed on the client, accept on cases where the client schedules a P.U.D. to return that item. In other words, we'll return whatever you'd like, but you'll have to schedule it for pick up and delivery.

Can I tip my JOAT? 
Yes. During the CC payment process, there will be am optional tip screen. You can also add a tip in any Venmo charge, or send it separately. 100% OF ANY AND ALL MONIES OVER THE ACTUAL AMOUNT DUE WILL BE CONSIDERED A TIP AND WILL GO DIRECTLY TO THE JOAT WHO COMPLETED THE JOB.

Can I review my JOAT? 
Yes, at Yelp or Angie's List

How do I know my JOAT IS capable of completing the job?
At J.O.A.T.NYC, our people don't advertise themselves for any service they cannot perform to their fullest. Meaning, you will never have anyone who hasn't done the job in a professional surrounding, dozens of times prior to arriving.

Are JOATs insured?
Absolutely. If you or your building require a COI or WC certification, you have but to request a copy and we'll get that to you ASAP.

What's with the arrival time gap?
At J.O.A.T.NYC, most of our people use public transportation to get around the city. As we all know, our beloved MTA isn't always the most...      Reliable. Therefore, instead of giving an exact time of arrival, we give one hour arrival time frames. Think of it like any cable company, but MUCH more reliable.

If I like a specific JOAT, can I request them again?
Absolutely! Our JOATs aspire to be the one you always want above all others. Not everyone loves change, so why deviate from your personnel. No need to teach someone new how you want something done. Find the one you love most and keep'em.

I have more questions but I'm totally drawing a blank right now.
No problem. If you have any other questions concerns or comments, feel free to contact us during office hours and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Usually within the first hour.