Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves!


Efficiency: Mounting/Installation, General Handyman, Heavy Lifting, Electrical, Plumbing, Event Coordination, Assembly, A Bunch Of Stuff He Hasn’t Even Thought About Yet, Guitar Hero Master, Part-Time Panda

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     The Owner, Founder and leader of our rag tag band of misfits, Step is a hands-on, Make-Shift, “How do we solve the problem?” type of guy who enjoys going out and helping people with their Home and House issues so much, he made a business out of it. “I got tired of being a number in corporations. Tired of supposedly helping people the way a Boss might want me to, instead of the way I wanted to. Or even worse, instead of how the person actually NEEDED the help.”

     Step covers everything from pet-sitting to minor plumbing and never asks his team to do something he wouldn’t, hasn’t or isn’t already doing. When he should be staying in the office and doing paperwork, he’s always sneaking out trying to help the next client. “I’ve always preferred to work with my hands rather than sit at a desk. I do this more for the appreciation than anything else. It just feels good.” If there’s ever any handy work you’d need done, rest assured you’re in good hands with Step.



Efficiency: Cleaning, Mounting and Installation. Pet-sitting/Dog-walking, Nanny, PuD, Catering, Painting and Plastering, Personal assistant, Salsa fanatic, Mother, Sister, Avid Selfie Enthusiast
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     A key player to the J.O.A.T.NYC
 cleaning team, Maria is as thorough and efficient in resident and office cleaning as you could possibly hope for. "My Mother taught me everything I know about cleanliness. You can't just wash the surface and call it a day. You have to move things around, get behind corners and in between cracks. That's how you really clean."

     Our newest and arguably most energetic JOAT, Maria is always on the move, cross training and learning new skills to better herself for her son's future. "I do my best to provide great customer service skills and am capable of moving swiftly and carefully through the busy New York City streets to handle P.A. (personal assistant) work for clients in need." 

     Whether it's organization, paperwork or just doing errands, when it comes to assistance, Maria is the one you want by your side should you need an extra pair of hands. Around the house, with the kids, or with the family pets, she's always providing a safe, secure and loving environment for all.


Efficiency: Pet care, Cleaner, Personal Assistant, Organization, Moving, PuD, Errands, G.O.T, "Scandal" addict, Cosplayer
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     Hi! I'm Awesome! Wait... No. I mean I'm Brooklyn, and that I'm Awesome. I handle the four legged Clientele of
J.O.A.T.NYC. I walk your dogs, play with your cats, feed your fish, change your hamster cages, etc. Anything that has to do with my fluffy, furry, scaly, or feathered friends.
     I'm also a personal assistant and cleaner extraordinaire. Keeping things organized and functional with a dash of dazzle is what I'm all about. Well, that and Cosplay. By the way, did I mention I'm awesome? If you need organization in your life or you want someone who understands that they're not just pets, they're family, then I'm the girl you're looking for. PUPPIES!!!


Efficiency: Mover, Carpentry and Construction, Home Improvement, Painting and Plastering, Web Development, Illustrator, B-boy Supreme, Center of All Things Awesome
#Vinstantclassic    #JOATvincent 

     "And on the seventh day, God created AWESOME. And he named it...    Vincent. I'm the self proclaimed "Swaggiest" (that's a word now) of the JOATs. They call me in to handle the larger projects like cabinet replacement, wall building, counter top installation, etc. Stuff you basically see on the HGTV network.

     I also handle the moves and heavy lifting, like a boss! When I'm not on my JOAT grind, I'm down south flipping houses and making the world a better place for my swag. You're Welcome.

     But wait, there's more! I've been an avid illustrator for like EVER, and I also cover website creation and development. Did I blow your mind yet? Cause I just blew mine!

 Don't get me wrong, I'm not the best. I just haven't met anyone better. Expect to be amazed if I'm the one they send. Now excuse me while I go walk slowly away from explosions and not look back."



Efficiency: Tech and Computer Analysis, Hardware and Software, Tutor, Caterer, Eagle Scout," Division" Professional
#WhosThomaster    #JOAThomas

     "I'll make this short. I'm the smart one. If you have a computer problem or your trying to learn some new program, then they send me. That's it. Straight and to the point. Not impressed? Request me and you will be. I also handle catering and tutoring for the team. Food, books and computers. What more do you need?





Efficiency: Mover, Assembly Specialist, Painting and Plastering, Personal Assistant, Pet-Sitter, Home Improvement, Limbo National Champion, Jeopardy Hopeful
#RedMeansGo     #JOATred

     Red is as multi-talented as she is focused. When the time comes to get cracking, just point her the right direction, tell her what needs doing and watch her go. "If I CAN do it, then it'll get done. I don't shy away from a challenge and the appreciation I get after a job is finished totally makes the work worth while. Ha! Work worth while...   try saying that three times fast".




Efficiency: Electrician, Bilingual, Hopscotch World Champion Finalist, Camera Shy
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      Julio handles all of the
J.O.A.T.NYC electrical jobs. Certified and ready to go, Julio has been in the electrician scene for more than ten years. Anything from light fixture changes to sorry circuits to home rewiring, he's always up for the challenge. Fluent in English and Spanish, if it's a spark you need flying, expect to be seeing Julio at your door.