What To Expect From Your Cleaner

At J.O.A.T.NYC, we don't do that whole "Cleaning  or Deep Cleaning option" nonsense. CLEANING IS DEEP CLEANING. That's why we do ONE rate. Period. Boom. Mic Drop. OBAMA OUT.

No two clients like things cleaned the same way. With that being said, here's what comes standard with EVERY scheduled JOAT cleaning:

Deep cleaning of all wet rooms, INCLUDING appliances and dishes (kitchen, bathrooms, etc.)

Cleaning and organization, with client instruction, of designated areas (living room, dining room, etc.) including under and moving around furniture to get hidden corners.

Sweeping and Mopping and/or vacuuming (when provided) of all floors.

Dusting of all designated areas (including pictures, vents and fans)

Cleaning of all windows, mirrors and reflective surfaces with streak less solution.

Trash removed to designated area.

Please allow 3+ hours for a complete cleaning from your J.O.A.T. If you would like a specific amount of time please specify at the time of your booking.

These are the BASICS with EVERY J.O.A.T CLEANING. This is what you can expect your cleaning to automatically include. These are the things you WON'T have to ask or wonder about.

Optional cleaning priorities include:


Cleaning inside all cabinets

Bed Preparation

In Depth Shower Grout

Litter Boxes

AC filters


Keeping in mind, everything that is in the basic cleaning can be optional as well. Different clients like different cleanings, so if there's something you'd like to add or subtract, please feel free to let your J.O.A.T know BEFORE the cleaning begins. Also, to expedite the cleaning setup, please fill out the cleaning form on the "Press Start" page, so we already have an idea of what you'd like.

Finally, be mindful that cleaning such as this is much more tedious, thorough and can take a bit more time than your average "surface" cleaning. If you want your humble abode scrubbed, shiny and so clean you could have a meal off of the toilet seat, then we're the folks you're looking for. We don't just clean, we REALLY CLEAN.